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"The store's video camera captured the ruthless, cold-blooded murder on tape.  Unfortunately, the quality of the video was so poor, we had little hope that it could be used to identify the killer. But Jeff Glickman and Photek delivered the goods!  As a result of their efforts, the police not only identified and apprehended the killer, but obtained a conviction."

James V. O'Gara, Partner
Kelley, Drye & Warren


"As mysteries go, the Earhart case is as tough as they come. Forensic imaging helps us replace speculative folklore with scientific fact.  Photek and Jeff Glickman are key factors in the equation that is finding solid answers to one of history's most fascinating riddles."


Richard E. Gillespie, Executive Director
The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR)

"We have been most impressed with the magnificent digital enhancement techniques discovered by Photek. These techniques are disclosing the presence of exciting new and reliable evidence in underwater and other not-too-distinct photographs of phenomena being investigated by the Academy of Loch Ness, Scotland, and in the Pacific Northwest."

Robert H. Rines, President
Academy of Applied Science

Due to federal, state, and local policies of legal and law enforcement agencies, Photek is unable to provide quotations from the New York Police Department, United States Attorney's Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation and other government agencies. References are available.

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