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The PHOTEK facility is a secure, alarmed facility. Entrance and exits are logged, and all visitors must be escorted. A high-bandwidth connection to the internet sits behind a hardware firewall. 

Client information is maintained in a General Services Administration Approved Security Container. It is a MOSLER, MODEL #5-DWR.ML U.S. Government Class 6 Cabinet, manufactured to Federal Specifications AA-F-358-F. The container's serial number is 2590240.


The International Group For Historic Aircraft Recovery

(Not currently online, call to obtain)

A. Earhart, F. Noonan, NR16020
Take-off, Lae New Guinea.
3600 DPI reflective scan of positive B/W print.
32.2 MB ZIP file containing 59.7MB TIF file.
Posted 14 Dec 1999

(Not currently online, call to obtain)

Niku Reef, 1938
Corroboration of "Dash-Dot" seen in 19371
7,312 DPI transmission scan of B/W negative.
5.6 MB LZW TIF file containing 25.9 MB image.
Annotated Image
Posted 23 Feb 2000

North American Science Institute


Final research paper on Patterson-Gimlin Film.
1.7 MB Acrobat PDF file (Screen resolution version 75DPI).
Reposted 13 Jan 2002
Call or
email for high-resolution, publication-quality version

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